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I have been working hard at finding a variety of sounds and styles…and it has been a success beyond my expectations.  I really did not expect to have the entire 2020 scheduled before it even started. 

I am excited to present the up coming lineup.    Earlier in 2019 I reached out to a couple Artists that I considered crazy Long-Shots and they were willing and we managed to find dates that worked.  Each Artist is very different— I think you will be impressed.   I will highlight each Artist below this message.  Let me know what you think.

Block off your Calendars now… tell your friends. 

 I will send out notices and invites about a month before each show.

March 28th, 2020 (Saturday):  James VanDeuson

James VanDeuson is singer/song writer from Cortland, NY.  His music is a blend of American, Folk with a touch of blues. He has a very unique sound- Dylanesque that I loved from the 1st note- and I am not a big Bob Dylan fan.   

James most recent album was released October 2019.


April 24th, 2020 (Friday): Paul Guzzone and Janie Barnett

Paul Guzzone is a singer/song writer, performer and CEO of Triple Z Music production. I have watched Paul perform for the past 20+ years as the bassist-vocalist in the Bacon Brothers band.  I got to know Paul personally only a few years ago.  Long story– I was food- and music-nerding with a friend Lynn from work. She is a NYC- Italian, who loves to cook — Italian and cooking was the basis of our initial friendship. At some point she asked me if I ever heard of the Bacon Brothers.  Me: ”Are you kidding? Jen and I have been seeing them in concert for the past 15+ years.”  It ends up Paul is her cousin. Small World… The next time the Bacon Brothers were in town, we got to meet up with Paul for drinks after the show.  Great Artist and person.  Paul has a long, successful history as solo career as well and will be in Maryland for a performance. He offered to do a house concert, so I am breaking my every two-month rule.

Update:  You are in for a treat… Paul will be joined by friend and singer songwriter Janie Barnett.  I met Janie a few years back when she was performing with the Bacon Brothers.   She has an amazing voice and when I saw her she had her whole band.  Some of the best harmonies I have ever heard. 

Janie is from Virginia originally and still has family, friends and a fan-base there.  She is scheduled to do a performance in the area and Paul ask her if she would like to join him for this house concert. 

This will be a really special evening. They will each be doing solos and duos of their material.


June 27th, 2020 (Saturday): Ian Flanigan

Ian Flanigan is an award winning singer/song writer from upstate New York.  His music is an eclectic blend of progressive folk-pop and percussive guitar finger-style.  Ian Flanagan has a deep, rich voice — very different than anything I have hosted in the past.  A music critic wrote  “Imagine Tom Waits as a member of Mumford & Sons playing songs by the Lumineers, with a hint of Chris Stapleton.

August 15th, 2020 (Saturday):  The Two’s 

I am running out of Adjectives … The Two’s are just as impressive and very different from any bad I hosted.  Their mix of a cello, guitar and an amazing foot drum– combined with vocals that are reminiscent of the Pretenders… makes for an amazing sound/style that I have never heard before.

October 9th, 2020 (Friday):    Sofia Talvik (returns)

Sofia Talvik will be returning from Germany to do a nationwide tour and Gary’s House Concert is one of her many stops.  Her music blends elements of Americana, Folk and Pop—impressive considering she is from Sweden.   Her last performance was one of my favorites.  Her husband, a sound engineer, made her House Concert sound like a Studio Recording.

I will update the web site to focus more on the individual Artist/Band when the next concert is gets closer.  

As always… Check everyone’s music out and “Like/Follow” them on Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, Itunes, etc.  It makes a big difference for them.  You can wait and BUY a signed copy of their music at the house concert.     

I have several Artists I’d love to have back— but I am torn between finding new artists and getting ones I know I love.   It is a hard call.  So many amazing artists have performed here… I really want to see them again.    

I am still working on getting an Irish Folk singer/band — Harder than I anticipated.   I am really interested in 2.  One the band essentially broke up, the other has gigs scheduled every weekend for years.     

“You” are as much a part of the success of this House Concert series as I am so let me know what you think.   

These dates are “Locked In”   So Block them off on your Calendars now… and feel free to tell friends.  I’d love to have the Fire Marshal come to close it down for too many people. 

As always— Support the Arts, or we will be forced to listen to each other.

With a glass of Port in hand as I type this,


Any Typos are because of Auto-Correct.

March 28th, 2020 (Saturday):  James VanDeuson

April 24th, 2020 (Friday): Paul Guzzone & Janie Barnett

June 27th, 2020 (Saturday): Ian Flanigan

August 15th, 2020 (Saturday):  The Two’s 

October 9th, 2020 (Friday):    Sofia Talvik (returns)

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When some up and coming bands tour, they will schedule House Concerts in between gigs as they travel across the country. It helps cover their travel costs and many Artists love the personal setting.

A long time ago I attended my first house concert for a band I followed since Med-School. It was an amazing experience. It is my favorite way to see live music… and it’s always music I love. I have been hosting them since we moved to our Woodbine home. I usually do 4 a year.

Variety is the Spice of Life

I try to find different styles of music, ranging from indie rock to folk, bluegrass and Celtic. The Artists often discuss the rich history of the genre, answer questions and socialize during the “Pot Luck” party and intermission. 

Where else would you be able to see National and International Artists up-close and personal.  Find them on YouTube.  I will update this page as it gets closer.

Food Tray
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When I host a House Concert, the music is usually preceded by a “Pot-Luck” gathering/party. Everyone is asked to bring something to eat or drink—to share. The Food/Drink people bring usually makes it interesting. You get to meet some fun people and socialize with the artist.  Bring your favorite dish or appetizer – we all have something we’re famous for. Something ethnic, something different… Or bring some wine, beer or soda.

We usually have 20-30 people show up—so there’s a great variety of food and drink. I usually donate 3-Liters of Sangria, a 12-pak of beer and some Chips to start it off…. I also make Pulled Pork BBQ. I smoke and slow cook it with mesquite for 20+ hours on a Green Egg grill. It is my “signature dish”, but it’s not enough to feed a crowd.

⇒ Bring Your Favorite Drink ⇐

My Bar is stocked, but I try not to have it raided. It often does…. I might have to start clearing it out before shows – which would be sad. I can’t charge if you drink from it, but you can, on an Honor System, Donate to the bar at the slot machine.

The $15-$20 donation I collect at the door — all (100%) goes to the artist.

Please don’t consider it an OPEN BAR.

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Prior Artists

(Click on Picture for Artist’s Page)

Check their website to see where they are performing and to buy some music.  

Support the Arts – It is a hard life on the road