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Gary’s House Concert Series

Gary’s House Concert Series

I have to admit, I am amazed at how successful the Gary’s House Concert Series has become—it took on a life of its own this year.   I’ve been hosting house concerts since we moved to Woodbine.  It started as an experiment—at best.

Like most things in life— Success breeds success. We now host between 4-6 house concerts a year. This past year I’ve had several Artists contact me about performing—they heard about my house concerts through word of mouth and searching on line.  Pretty Amazing.

I give full credit for the success of the Gary’s House Concert Series to all of our friends (old and new) who attend on a regular basis. We live in the middle of farmland— so most people drive 40-minutes to attend.  

Search out the Bands we host– Like them on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, ITunes- It cost you nothing and it really makes a difference for them. 

They spend the better part of a “good” year pouring their hearts and soul out writing a few songs and then sell them for 99-cents. The life of an Artist is hard work—and a struggle. Buy their Music, Attend or Host a House Concert –  support the Arts.

Thanks to all of my Friends who make it possible for me to host House Concerts….

Gary DZ

Ted Yoder Hammered Dulcimer

Ted Yoder Goshen, Indiana

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Ted Yoder

Save the Date:      November 11, 2017 

Gary Della’Zanna
1810 Boka Valley Court
Woodbine, MD 21797

Potluck Party: 6:30p
Music Starts: 7:30p

The “Gary’s House Concert Series” is excited to host Ted Yoder. I started planning this more than a year ago after seeing one of Ted’s videos on Facebook. He became something of a household name when a Facebook Live video of him playing Tears For Fears “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” went viral. The homespun video, shot in his backyard, racked up 7 million views in 36 hours, rocketing up to 53 million views in just four days. To give this number of views some perspective — a Concert Music Video, by Tears for Fears has garnered 40 million views over 5-years. Some of the original band members from Tears for Fears (Curt Smith and Jamie Wollam) saw it on YouTube and were impressed enough to fly out to his house for a private show.
This is way out of the main stream music and will likely be a “Once in a Lifetime” chance to see a world famous hammered dulcimer performance up-close and personal.
You need to see his videos to understand why it is so cool. It is as much a Visual Art as it is a Musical Show.

Ted Yoder 02


When some up and coming bands tour, they will schedule House Concerts in between gigs as they travel across the country. It helps cover their travel costs and many Artists love the personal setting.

A long time ago I attended my first house concert for a band I followed since Med-School. It was an amazing experience. It is my favorite way to see live music… and it’s always music I love. I have been hosting them since we moved to our Woodbine home. I usually do 4 a year.

Variety is the Spice of Life

I try to find different styles of music, ranging from indie rock to folk, bluegrass and Celtic. The Artists often discuss the rich history of the genre, answer questions and socialize during the “Pot Luck” party and intermission. I just confirmed scheduling Ted Yoder, a hammered dulcimer performer who plays classic rock songs.   He will be here on November 11, 2017.  Where else would you be able to see this up-close and personal. Find him on YouTube, he’s amazing.  I will update this page as it gets closer.

Food Tray
Food Fruit
Food Pulled Pork
Food Wine Bottle and Glass (Sm1)

Pot Luck

Plan Ahead…

When I host a House Concert, the music is usually preceded by a “Pot-Luck” gathering/party. Everyone is asked to bring something to eat or drink—to share. The Food/Drink people bring usually makes it interesting. You get to meet some fun people and socialize with the artist.  Bring your favorite dish or appetizer – we all have something we’re famous for. Something ethnic, something different… Or bring some wine, beer or soda.

We usually have 20-30 people show up—so there’s a great variety of food and drink. I usually donate 3-Liters of Sangria, a 12-pak of beer and some Chips to start it off…. I also make Pulled Pork BBQ. I smoke and slow cook it with mesquite for 20+ hours on a Green Egg grill. It is my “signature dish”, but it’s not enough to feed a crowd.

⇒ Bring Your Favorite Drink ⇐

My Bar is stocked, but I try not to have it raided. It often does…. I might have to start clearing it out before shows – which would be sad. I can’t charge if you drink from it, but you can, on an Honor System, Donate to the bar at the slot machine.

The $15-$20 donation I collect at the door — all (100%) goes to the artist.

Please don’t consider it an OPEN BAR.

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Past Concerts


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Gary Della'Zanna's House Concert Series

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